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A truly beautiful way to showcase your British classic car

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A never-done-before opportunity

For most Classic car enthusiasts, having their car featured in a magazine is considered the Holy Grail of ownership.

But magazines have a relatively short shelf-life, and unless they end up in a dentist’s or doctor’s waiting room, any glory of having your car featured is rather short-lived.

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So, after talking with many fellow Classic car owners, we all agreed it would be a fantastic opportunity to give as many owners as possible the chance to be featured in a glossy, hardback book, promoted and sold across the globe. A book that will be cherished for years and generations to come.

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to give classic car owners the opportunity to have their cherished cars affordably featured in super high-quality hardback books? Books that are produced along with other like-minded classic car owners, who would all love to see their cherished car in print.


Our crowd-published books are printed globally & distributed by:

As the owner of a British classic car you can now have your pride and joy featured in the pages of a premium hardback book. And two lucky contributors will win the chance to be the front and back cover star cars.

What exactly is crowd-publishing for Classic car owners?

If you’ve heard the term ‘crowdfunding’, then crowd-publishing works along a similar theme.

But, whereas in crowdfunding members of the public pledge funds to make a project happen, with crowd-publishing, the goal is achieved by like-minded individuals who collectively contribute to a particular cause to create something extraordinary. 

In this case, that’s a documented celebration of Classic car ownership. And a book to keep for future generations and owners.

Each book is produced on a Heidelberg XL300 printing press, and the quality is exceptional. This means when your copy (or copies) of your book arrives, you will be delighted with the finish and texture.

The colours are vibrant, the text crisp, and weighing in at just over 1.3kg each, they’re certainly substantial too.

Our books are something to cherish for a lifetime.

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All British classic cars are welcome to be featured

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By their very nature, our books have limited pages so we operate allocated chapters on a first-come, first-served basis.

First-editions are a larger format (A4 landscape – 11.7×8.3in/297x210mm) than the general-release second edition, which will be US trade size (8.5×5.5in/216x127mm), meaning the copies you receive will be true large-format collectors’ editions.

A truly beautiful way to showcase any classic car

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One copy – save 10% today


£89 GBP

Two copies – save 15% today


£169 GBP

Three copies – save 20%


£237 GBP


What happens after I order?

As soon as you order you will receive a link to enter some information about your car. There are sections for you to complete which will help speed up the ghostwriting process. Simply enter the information and return it to us as soon as you can.

One of our ghostwriters will then contact you to discuss your book entry and once they have completed compiling your text and layout, we will send it to you for approval and final sign-off.

How long before I receive my book?

This depends on how quickly we sell our pages in the book, how quickly buyers respond to our form and how soon we can get all the information to our ghostwriters and typesetters. 

As a rule of thumb, depending on order book capacity, printing takes approx. 10 days from signing off the final content of the book then fulfilment and delivery another 7 days. 

Any other questions?

Simply email us at:

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